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I am in Business: Launching my own Design Studio

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“If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance”

When I decide to take the leap into opening my own business I was full of excitement and no nerves at all I had always had passion and business skills ran well in my family. I had always had the balls to go after what I want in life I have never been afraid of being scared of things part of my childhood experiences have helped me build my mental strength up. Design is my passion so it was the obvious choice for type of business and having design qualifications I had the natural skills to be able to produce good design.


I charge my clients a fair rate at good price compared to other designers who charge way too much. I cover different areas of design such as web, graphics, stage design. I use various communication methods mainly email and maintain fast  contact method with them. I named my new business space angel design as I have a wonder about space and a passion for angels, knowing somebody is looking out for you an important thing in business. I run my office from home or portable, it is great thing about being a designer you can work anywhere even in the bath eventually I would consider renting an office. My design process which have set up are quick and efficient to produce the best results. So I am at the start of my long campaign in managing my new business but I have already had 2 clients, making 500 pounds and 1 good reviews so I am confident my business will grow. I have future plans in opening my own toy shop selling Japanese and designer toys and even my own line of designer toys, big aspiration at this stage.

Rennie Goes to Hollywood: My Internship in Los Angeles – Part 1

Businessman in Car Talking on Cell Phone

“I do love America. And LA is a very short commute to America its like half an hour on the plane.” 

– Craig Ferguson

My adventure in 2008 started when I had secured a talent agency internship in a boutique talent agency in the San Fernando valley area of Los Angeles. My excitement had built from that moment, I had a month to wait before I was due to go out to the City of Angels  in November of that year. I was working as a night porter in Edinburgh at the time and the thought of the LA Heat kept me going during those long Cold nights. I began to do research watching as many films and reading as many books as I could. Mulholland Drive was my favorite but it kind of creeped my out but I did not put me off going.

I had an almost twelve hour flight but it was worth i t and the thought of an exciting new adventure kept me going. When the plane eventually had flown over the Atlantic and stopped for a quick fuel stop at JFK in New York. I remember touching down and thinking to myself “welcome to the states, yo have have finally made it here”, it was always a dream when I was a kid to go to america and now I was finally there. Even though it was a short stay in the terminal of JFK I was like a puppy full of downer looking at all the different people with different accents. Are plane was back on its way another eight hour flight to LA, then it dawned on me how huge the US really is and coming from Scotland made it more impressive, we flew over desert, mountain ranges, cities with there sparkling light of all sizes made it seem like I was flying over some distant planet in the galaxy.

When I did touch down the excitement was becoming unbearable once I had collected my luggage which had enough stuff to keep me going for a month and you could tell by the weight of the thing, it was like I was carrying my whole life in there. The first thing that hit me when I stepped out of the airport was the heat, I never experienced this before, coming from Scotland it was new to me like life was new to a new born baby. What made it surreal was that the fact that it was nearly midnight but you could walk around in t-shirts and shorts something that you can’t do in Scotland. The long taxi drive toke me to my motel in San Fernando Valley, it was a main road but it was comfy and safe something I could use as a base whilst I explored LA and learnt about the film industry. I had a weekend before my internship started so it used to recover from my jet lag, I holed myself up in my room living off the local 24/7 shop, I true slice of Americana. I was scared to venture out for a couple of days, heard so many stories of people being shot in Los Angeles but the reality is so much different in America as you will soon find out in the next part.

Terrorism: The Forgotten Bio Attack.


It is often never talked about but it is one the most underestimated attacks on US soil ever and there’s a dangerous lesson to learn.

The 1984 Rajneeshee bio attack was the piosoning of 751 people in Oregon, United States, through the deliberate contamination of salad bars  at ten local restaurants with Salmonella. A leading group of followers of Rajneesh (later known as Osho) had hoped to incapacitate the voting population of the city so that their own candidates would win the 1984 Wasco elections. The incident was the first and single largest bio attack in United States history. The attack is one of only two confirmed terrorist uses of bio weapons to harm humans since 1945

Having previously gained political control of Antelope in Oregan, Rajneesh’s followers based in nearby Rajnesshpuram, Oregon, sought election to two of the three seats on the Wasco County Circuit Court that were up for election in November 1984. Fearing they would not gain enough votes, Rajneeshpuram officials decided to incapacitate voters in The Dalles, the largest population center in Wasco County. The chosen biological agent was Salmonella Typhimurium, which was first delivered through glasses of water to two County Commissioners and then, on a larger scale, at salad bars and in salad dressing at a fast food joint.

751 people contracted Salmonella as a result of the attack; 45 of whom were hospitalized. There were no fatalities. Although an initial investigation by the OPHD and the CDC did not rule out deliberate contamination, the actual source of the contamination was only discovered a year later. A sample of bacteria matching the contaminant that had sickened the town residents was found in a Rajneeshpuram medical laboratory. Two leading Rajneeshpuram officials were indicted and served 29 months in a minimum-security prison.

What is so dangerous about this event is this group was only a small group but managed to cause a lot of harm to people and to create their own Bio weapon out of a basic bacteria. Also strikes out is how this small group managed to take over the town of Antelope and indeed invaded the town and all this happened in America but yet did not send shock waves around the world.

Why Older Woman are so Protective ?


There is something powerful about older woman, something mysterious and healing. It is hard to put words on it, there is just something about them. It like with all the pain in the world and you feel it dragging you down all disappears when you are in the arms of an older woman. There is something magical there.

There are a different type of relationships the main ones being between a mother and her son. This a very special relationship one that is almost untouchable. The way a mother looks after her son for the rest of his life plays an important part in his development. Mothers are really protective of their sons and I loved that growing up. My mum would never let anyone hurt and go ape when they did. Which I found really powerful.

Another important relationship is between a granny and her grandson is also powerful. When the mother is busy the granny can step in and form an equally loving relationship. I have a strong relationship with my granny or Nana as I call her. She would always spoil me when I visited her house and that’s why at 23 I still do visit her house. Nothing like a big plate of roast chicken and all the trimmings.

Just as important is the relationship between a brother and older sister. This more like a tinker bell relationship. An older sister is always wiser and good to learn from as well as being protective. I love my older sister Zara, we where really close growing up and she would always look out for me.

An underestimated relationship is between a young man and a older woman. Not just in a sexual way, I know when I was a teen I would fantasies about seducing an older woman but in way she can be protective and healing in a mature way. If I ended up with a woman double my age I would be happy

My Passion: Video Games

My main passion in life is Video Games. I have played them since I was a child. When I first got a taste of the N64, I was hooked for life.

The reason why I like them is because they are pure escapism, they take you to other world where most people can only dream off. They are pieces of art in their own right. Very well-built and designed. They are challenging and allow you to use your own intelligence to solve puzzles.

My favourite games are Football Manager, it is a spreadsheet but is so rich in detail that you can’t tell. Shenmue for the dreamcast is one of the best games ever. It takes you to a real immersible Japan and finally The Legend of Zelda: Ocarine of Time, is a typical Japanese game in that it has its own species, items and fantasy locations. I spent nearly two years of my childhood, playing this.

The industry is a multimiliion dollar Industry and is bigger then the music industry and film industry. What is great about it is it is only in it’s infancy period compared to the movie industry and has only just begun its golden age. The technology is very hi-tech and digital downloads are taking over. The big hardware players are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. The big studio players are Sega,  Rockstar North and EA.

Video Games are a culture spanning their own soundtracks, merchandise and own film and tv shows. It has grown up from geeks playing games in their bedroom to a mature audience.

My passion for games come in different forms. I am currently developing my own Indie game called SaunTer due out next year. I still play video games and I don’t think I will stop. They can be used as learning tools and can teach you about the worlds and culture. I enjoy researching them and writing reviews on my blog.

Mystery: The Solway Space Man.


“Something’s in that Photo”

The Solway Firth Spaceman  is a mysterious figure seen in a photograph taken by Jim Templeton in 1964 at Burgh Marsh, situated near  Templeton claims the photograph shows a background figure wearing a space suit and has insisted that he did not see anyone present when the photograph was taken. The image has gotten attention but is often laughed at despite being eerie.

On 23 May 1964, Jim Templeton, a firefighter, took three photographs of his five-year-old daughter while on a day trip to Burgh Marsh. Templeton said the only other people on the marshes that day were a couple of old ladies sitting in a car at the far end of the marsh. In a letter to a newspaper  in 2002, Templeton stated, “I took three pictures of my daughter Elizabeth in a similar pose – and was shocked when the middle picture came back from kodak displaying what looks like a spaceman in the background.” Templeton insists that he did not see the figure until after his photographs were developed, and analysts at Kodak confirmed that the photograph was genuine.

What makes it freaky is the quality of the photo a grainy texture makes it look scary. It is something that you want to believe in but you deep down know there is a doubt to it. It does look unreal you wonder what the characters is in the background and I guess we will nether find out. If it is true a unknown space traveler has touched down in England.


My Childhood Memories: Part Two.



The second part of my childhood is probably the most interesting. It is when I had my foundations set. As well as some of my funniest moments happened.

I have a lot of memories from this period and have selected a few that stand out. I had a passion for acting and attended Edinburgh Acting School during this period.  The excitement of attending classes on a Saturday to meet my out of school friends was always good. That with the help of the usual rush to the sweet shop to buy literally a bag full of sweet courtesy of my dad. Another Saturday highlights was renting a film from the now ill fated Blockbusters and renting videos well beyond me age range. School was curios but always about that Friday feeling when school finished for the week.

The big craze then was Pokemon  The frantic dash for cards at break time was always fun. Knowing me I had to have every card and game.  I was into my video games as usual with the dream cast and nintendo 64 being big in my life, with many an hour being lost away playing it aswell as super mario 64 and ocarina of time.  Which would soon make way to the ps2 to take over my life. I remember going on trips to London with my Nana and to the London Dungeon which I was terrified off going in despite begging my Nana on the way down to take me.

During these stages I admit I was a bit of a chubby and enjoyed my mum taking me out to TGI Fridays on Castle Street every Thursday for dinner. I had my usual cheese and hams wigwams and a Dr. Pepper. I became an addict to it at that time. When my mum was in a good mood I would also get the Cookie surprise, which was a giant ice cream oreo the size of my head. I was still mischievousness at this time and would skip pe or homework when I could. I had a wonderful imagination at this point which I still thankfully have to this day. I would imagine wonderful things when I sat my school desk.

The millennium approached and all I could remember was the scare mongering and I really thought that new years eve the world was going to end and I was going to die young.

A key point that would shape my future happened. I would change schools from Stewarts Melville to Merchiston Castle School. Where I became a boarder. I choice which at the time my young mind thought was good but I would later regret, making my life hell. There was some good points, my love for older woman developed said with a cheeky grin. There where many camping trips with our teacher. There is nothing like camping in the pitch dark black to get your heart pumping.

Life was okay before I hit those troubling teenagers years.

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