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Sports Competition Design: The KFC Big Bash League


“The takeaway of Sports Competitions”

This competition is a cricket competition in the form of 20/20 cricket, based in Australia and has eight teams from Australia’s various states.

It is Australia’s premier competition for that form of cricket. It replaces the old competitions with city based teams rather than states based ones. The winner and runners-up qualify for the cricket champions league. Each states capitals have one team with Melbourne and Sydney both having two which would have been expected. The Melbourne Stars and Adelaide Strikers have the highest average attendance. The trophy has an unusual design and was chosen from an Australian Design Firm after a competition was launched to find the correct winner. The first season was won by Sydney Sixers and the second was one by Brisbane heat with the Perth Scorchers finishing runners-up and hosting both finals.


The competition is well designed and makes for an addictive experience for the average armchair and spectator alike. The strips are all bright and have a casual feel to them similar to American team sports. The stadiums are brightly dressed up and fireworks and cheerleaders really add to the atmosphere.

The competition is hotly tipped to be expanded with teams from New Zealand favorites to join the league. This is a model which other sports should learn form as it is pure sports for the fans to enjoy.

About Jordan Dean-Rennie

I am a Scottish born New Zealander currently studying to become a Designer and live in Edinburgh,Scotland. I enjoy being creative and playing games :). Nationality: Scottish/New Zealand Nicknames: JoJo,Gordie,Jordie, Jordiecakes

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