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What Ever Happened to the Dreamcast?

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“Sega Fights Back”

The Dreamcast was launched in November of 1998 in Japan and later in other countries in 1999 and was the first in the sixth generation of video games consoles. It sold well on release. With the release of the ps2 console, Sega could not compete with Sony’s resources which would rapidly led to the downfall of the console.

The Dreamcast without of a doubt was ahead of its time. Classic games were brought out on this console such as Shenmue 1 and 2, Crazi Taxi, and Jet Set Radio. The Dreamcast also help build features and standards that future consoles would have built into them. The main success from the console was it introduced online gaming to the world. The xbox has taken great influence from the Dreamcast.

On the 31st of january 2001, Sega announced that they were discontinuing Dreamcast production by March 30 of that year. The last  release was NHL 2k2, which was released in February 2002. With Sega announcing no plans to develop a next-generation successor to Dreamcast, this was Sega’s last dive into the home console business.

It is a shame as it was a great console but really before it’s time. It is was one of  my fond highlights of my childhood, coming home from school to play it, the name really says it all, a place where you could cast dreams and lose yourself for a couple of hours a day. The console had great games but not a big catalogue, just games that you could really immerse your self in. They where often edgy and bright and so typically Japanese and would not look out-of-place on the streets of Shibuya.

Dreamcast  it is so typical of Sega being great but with flaws, this would be their last console, now more focused on software.

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I am a Scottish born New Zealander currently studying to become a Designer and live in Edinburgh,Scotland. I enjoy being creative and playing games :). Nationality: Scottish/New Zealand Nicknames: JoJo,Gordie,Jordie, Jordiecakes

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