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Why Older Woman are so Protective ?


There is something powerful about older woman, something mysterious and healing. It is hard to put words on it, there is just something about them. It like with all the pain in the world and you feel it dragging you down all disappears when you are in the arms of an older woman. There is something magical there.

There are a different type of relationships the main ones being between a mother and her son. This a very special relationship one that is almost untouchable. The way a mother looks after her son for the rest of his life plays an important part in his development. Mothers are really protective of their sons and I loved that growing up. My mum would never let anyone hurt and go ape when they did. Which I found really powerful.

Another important relationship is between a granny and her grandson is also powerful. When the mother is busy the granny can step in and form an equally loving relationship. I have a strong relationship with my granny or Nana as I call her. She would always spoil me when I visited her house and that’s why at 23 I still do visit her house. Nothing like a big plate of roast chicken and all the trimmings.

Just as important is the relationship between a brother and older sister. This more like a tinker bell relationship. An older sister is always wiser and good to learn from as well as being protective. I love my older sister Zara, we where really close growing up and she would always look out for me.

An underestimated relationship is between a young man and a older woman. Not just in a sexual way, I know when I was a teen I would fantasies about seducing an older woman but in way she can be protective and healing in a mature way. If I ended up with a woman double my age I would be happy

About Jordan Dean-Rennie

I am a Scottish born New Zealander currently studying to become a Designer and live in Edinburgh,Scotland. I enjoy being creative and playing games :). Nationality: Scottish/New Zealand Nicknames: JoJo,Gordie,Jordie, Jordiecakes

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