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I am in Business: Launching my own Design Studio

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“If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance”

When I decide to take the leap into opening my own business I was full of excitement and no nerves at all I had always had passion and business skills ran well in my family. I had always had the balls to go after what I want in life I have never been afraid of being scared of things part of my childhood experiences have helped me build my mental strength up. Design is my passion so it was the obvious choice for type of business and having design qualifications I had the natural skills to be able to produce good design.


I charge my clients a fair rate at good price compared to other designers who charge way too much. I cover different areas of design such as web, graphics, stage design. I use various communication methods mainly email and maintain fast  contact method with them. I named my new business space angel design as I have a wonder about space and a passion for angels, knowing somebody is looking out for you an important thing in business. I run my office from home or portable, it is great thing about being a designer you can work anywhere even in the bath eventually I would consider renting an office. My design process which have set up are quick and efficient to produce the best results. So I am at the start of my long campaign in managing my new business but I have already had 2 clients, making 500 pounds and 1 good reviews so I am confident my business will grow. I have future plans in opening my own toy shop selling Japanese and designer toys and even my own line of designer toys, big aspiration at this stage.

About Jordan Dean-Rennie

I am a Scottish born New Zealander currently studying to become a Designer and live in Edinburgh,Scotland. I enjoy being creative and playing games :). Nationality: Scottish/New Zealand Nicknames: JoJo,Gordie,Jordie, Jordiecakes

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